HM the queen opening parliament

full, unconditional, immediately, if necessary unilaterally.
We cannot meaningfully negotiate as a vassal state.

First, Independence, if not by immediate mutual agreement, then by Unilateral Declaration.

An independent Britain need not feel legally bound by any pre-independence agreements made under duress.

Following full independence, we can then proceed as a sovereign state to negotiate specific bilateral agreements as may be mutually beneficial.

More importantly, with Brexit rapidly dispensed with, we can then focus on setting our own house in order.

Our need now is for a new political-economic focus combining growth with social justice. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. We need to create prosperity, and share its fruits fairly. The issues are straightforward, as are the solutions.

Quite apart from Euro-annoyances, Britain has widespread areas of persistent unemployment, our industries lag in productivity, and the rich get richer while the rest of us stagnate economically. London as a world financial centre is our major success story, but there are on-going questions about the morality, even the legality of its operations and in any case, the beneficiaries are relatively few. And government, like governments everywhere, is costly, takes the lion's share of our incomes, and lacks any incentive to increase its productivity.

Perhaps a shakeup will provide the impetus for a fundamental review of our current status and our potentials, with a view to finding some new answers. Our major problems come down to three fundamental issues, and solutions are readily available.

ONE: Jobs and Productivity
Unemployment, low productivity: Industrial Development Banking can respond. The Project, the Business Plan itself, thoroughly researched and with ongoing monitoring, provides the loan security. Project-based Investment can create jobs, expand and improve industry, targeted into historically under-employed areas, and finance public infrastructure without adding to the deficit. It's been done successfully before, many times.

TWO: A Fair Day's Pay
A single standard system of Job Evaluation provides a fair and stable relationship between work and reward. This works through to prices when coupled with profit ceiling. Spinoffs: expansion to full employment without inflation, and your money buys more each year not less. Yes, really. Work Evaluation: the Science of Social Justice.

THREE: Better Government less cost
Governments have become secretive, arrogant, oversized, inefficient, and costly. Accountability, productivity. Industry does it; why not government?

Growing frustration and discontent in Britain forced a Referendum, and the Nation has spoken.

This is where the story really starts.

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